Root Canal Treatment Davie Florida
Regular Dental Cleaning Davie Florida

DS Dental Care provides a range of services for patients throughout Davie, Florida and the surrounding areas. As part of our dental care services, we provide root canals for patients. In many cases patients come in for dental health care assuming they need a filling, only to find they will require root canal services.

Root canals are a common treatment for teeth with severe decay that have affected the nerve . During a root canal, the infected or inflamed nerve is removed from inside the tooth and replaced with a filling material after the canal is cleaned and disinfected. This eliminates bacteria and protects the tooth from further infections. Patients who need a root canal often report increased sensitivity, particularly to hot and cold, and pain while biting or chewing.

If you are experiencing tooth pain in Davie, Florida book your appointment for oral health services as soon as possible. Our root canal treatment is an effective way to eliminate the pain and to ensure the infection is treated before more significant problems occur.